Junaid Chafeker, 33

A Kung Fu master from Cape Town kicked international butt at the 2016 Legends of Kung Fu World Championships in America.

Muhammad Junaid Chafeker, 33, aka MJ Li scooped four gold medals, two while blindfolded.

He was the only representative from South Africa, competing against 1480 athletes from 50 different countries in Dallas, USA, last week.

Junaid, from Goodwood, tells the Daily Voice: “I have been to championships all over the world, but this was by far the most difficult one. These competitors up their game every year. It was a strenuous and I have some bruises, but it’s not too bad considering what I was up against.”

He won gold in the following categories:

  • True to Form Full Contact, 77kg
  • Blindfold Straight Sword
  • Blindfold TaiChi, and
  • Internal Other TaiChi

But this is not the first time Junaid has struck gold.

He has competed in various national and international competitions since 2005 and has about 50 medals in his treasure box.

“Every medal counts. I won plenty of silver and bronze medals, here and internationally. They all mean a great deal to me. Every medal is an achievement to be celebrated. I am extremely proud of all of them,” he says.

Junaid was the only SA representative at the USA champs

Also proud of his achievement is Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais, who yesterday visited his home in Goodwood to offer her congratulations.

“You are a leading example to our youth. You have shown time and again, that through self-determination and unwavering dedication to excellence, anyone can succeed in accomplishing their goals,” she told him.

Speaking to the Daily Voice, the minister said: “Undoubtedly, he is a beacon of hope, inspiration and motivation for the youth of South Africa.”

Marais and Junaid sat on his couch while he regaled her with stories of his wins.

He also offered to teach her TaiChi, and she said she is taking him on his offer “but later this year”.

Junaid says he was proud to represent Mzanzi.

“Each time I compete, I psyche myself up by listening to a remix of our national anthem. For me personally, besides the gold and the accolades, if I can share my humble story with the youth and I can inspire at least one of our youth and they can benefit from my story and my journey, then I think that will be more valuable than any gold or silver,” says M.J Li.