BUSTED: Nombuso Magnenshu, 20

This family claims police killed their beloved pet who had been trying to protect its 15-year-old owner from a violent cop.

The brak was killed on Saturday night in Wallacedene, when four officers from Nyanga police station allegedly gunned him down.

Nombuso Magnenshu, 20, says Rex was only trying to protect her little brother Lutsha, who had been tackled to the ground by the cops.

The alleged incident took place just before midnight, at 11.40pm while cops were patrolling the area.

“They beat him up, but refused to give me a reason why,” Nombuso claims.

“The dog bit one cop and he took out his gun and shot Rex.

“He missed and the dog ran into the neighbour’s yard.

“I continued to ask the cops what they are doing with my brother and he smacked me really hard.”

The police officer then allegedly showed Nombuso how the dog had bitten him and fired two shots at the young man, “nearly hitting him”.

She says the cops fired three more shots at Rex as he was running away.

The brakkie ran into their yard “and fell down dead”.

“All the while the cops were shouting, ‘skiet daai hond vrek’. They were rude, when I asked one officer’s name, he said his name is p*** ,” Nombuso adds.

She further claims she was forced into their van and then made to sign a paper, because she had assaulted a cop, which she denies.

“One cop laughed as my dog lay dead in the yard. I was released after 24 hours, but they threatened to cover me in pepper spray and hit me in my p*** if I say anything,” she adds.

“We buried Rex on Monday because he started smelling. And we had laid a charge of assault.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirms the incident.

“SAPS members were busy with stop and search duties in Wallacedene when a dog bit one member on the leg. It is alleged that a warning shot was fired and the dog ran into the house,” says Van Wyk.

“The owner of the house then opened the gate for the dog, whereupon the dog again bit one of the members. Member fired shots and the dog died on the scene.”

He says Nombuso was arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting a cop.

Van Wyk advised Nombuso to lodge a complaint with the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).