Dief caught at last



July 25, 2016
Dief caught at last

BUST: Dylan "Chap" Moses, 18, arrested in Delft

Repeat offender finally bust after rekking his bek.

A man who allegedly broke into the same house three times in one week was caught after he allegedly threatened the homeowner’s wife in the street.

Cops nabbed the suspect on Friday Delft.

Last week, an angry Dustin Cornelson posted a picture of the suspect on Facebook, offering a R500 reward for information leading to an arrest. This after Dylan ‘Chap’ Moses, 18, allegedly boasted that he was going “to clear out” their Tennessee Street home.

He allegedly stole Dustin’s sound system in his bakkie on July 13, and broke into their house the next day taking a Samsung Tablet and Blackberry phone. Dustin caught him and handed him over to cops, but he was released and broke in to Dustin’s house again last Tuesday.

Dustin says on Friday morning, Moses jumped in front of his wife’s car and threatened her.

An outraged Dustin says: “He told my wife, who was shocked and scared, ‘julle gaan sien wat gebeur met julle’. She just drove away and called me at work. I left work and headed to the police station.”

The dad of two says two cops were immediately assigned to the case, and caught Moses within two hours, close to Tennessee Street.

“His own friends piemped him, saying what he took and where he sold it. We managed to recover the Samsung tablet. I am grateful to the police for doing their work. Now we can sleep at night,” adds Dustin.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirms housebreaking and theft cases were registered at Delft SAPS, and an 18-year-old suspect was arrested.

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