‘IT WASN’T ME’: Murder accused Cameron Wilson 
says he did not kill Lekita 
and had ‘consensual sex’ 
with ‘one of his rape victims’. CREDIT: Noor Slamdien
Murder suspect Cameron Wilson has blamed the killing of Lekita Moore on his dead best friend.

The 20-year-old, who faces five charges of murder in the Western Cape High Court, yesterday made dramatic submissions in which he claims that his friend killed Lekita, and one of his alleged rape victims wanted to have sex with him.

The Heinz Park youngster, who faces 15 charges including attempted murders and rapes dating back to 2014, testified in his trial yesterday.

Lekita, 19, was killed in September last year.

Her mutilated body was found on a field in Tuna Road, near the 8ste Laan informal settlement in Valhalla Park.

She sustained 98 stab wounds and her face, breasts and vagina were slashed.

In a statement read out by his attorney, Mohamed Sibda, Wilson claims he saw Lekita at a karaoke party on the night of her murder.

He claimed she was arguing with his friend, Xavier Bester.

“Xavier then punched Lekita and her nose bled,” the statement read.

SLAIN: Xavier Bester, 20, and Lekita Moore, 19

A group of them decided to buy more alcohol from a shebeen in nearby 8ste Laan.

Wilson said the group split up and he walked with Lekita and Bester.

“The two were still arguing and Lekita threatened to open a case against Xavier.

“We were walking on the field where Lekita was found when suddenly Xavier stabbed her in her side.

“She fell to the ground. He jumped on top of her, closed her mouth with his hand and began stabbing furiously.

“I stood watching him in shock.

“He removed all Lekita’s clothing and fondled her breasts. She lay completely still and it appeared to me that she had died.

“Xavier then started stabbing again. He began slicing at her breasts and vagina.

“I was horrified and pulled him away. He then washed his hands at a nearby tap.”

Xavier was found shot dead the day after Lekita’s body was found, on the same field.

“The news of Xavier made me fear for my life.

“I fear that Valhalla Park community will kill me as many believe I am responsible for the murder of Lekita,” he says.

Regarding one of his alleged rape victims, Wilson claimed he had consensual sex with the woman, who was also stabbed.

He says the woman was looking for her friend and asked him to help.

“Both of us were somewhat drunk. We started talking and I told her ‘hy is mos nie daar nie but ek is’ and she said she smaaked me and we got bymekaar,” he testified.

“She then pulled down her pants en ons het begin sex.

“When we were done, she pulled up her pants and we went our separate ways.

“We had sex while standing against the fence. I ejaculated but not inside of her. My semen may therefore have been on her underwear.”

Asked if she in anyway complained, Wilson responded: “Jy kan sien sy het lekker gekry.”

“If she was screaming then people would have heard her.”