De Lille delays Bromwell Street evictions



September 9, 2016
De Lille delays Bromwell Street evictions

INTERVENED: City Mayor Patricia de Lille

Mayor wins residents a two-week reprieve.

The 28 families from Bromwell Street will not be evicted today, thanks to a last-minute intervention by Cape Town Mayor Patricia De Lille.

The Woodstock tenants, who have vowed to stand their ground today if they were to be put out, say they are grateful for De Lille’s intervention, which have won them a two week reprieve, as they now only have to move out on September 26.

Charnell Commando, one of the spokespersons for the residents, said she could not reveal details of the new negotiations.

“We are not moving yet. There are now things happening for us and it seems as if we will receive what we need. I am very relieved that we are not on the street, and I hope a solution for the long term will happen as well,” she says.

A block party to unite residents was also cancelled yesterday.

Residents refused to move to Blikkiesdorp, and demanded for homes close to the city centre.

De Lille met with residents on Wednesday morning, and The Woodstock Hub owners later in the day.

Her spokesperson Pierrinne Leukes said the Mayor only became aware of Bromwell Street’s plight on Tuesday and immediately intervened.

She said yesterday: “On Wednesday the Mayor appealed to the Woodstock Hub not to execute the eviction [today]. They have agreed not to execute upon the eviction order until 26 September. We are working with all the concerned parties including [social justice NGO] Ndifuna Ukwazi in order to find an amicable solution,” she says.

The Woodstock Hub confirmed the “last and final” extension in a statement, adding that residents have access to a crowdfunding initiative, standing at over R75 000, which they can use to get new accommodation.

“The Woodstock Hub is hopeful, that over and above the extensions already granted, the stay on the eviction order will allow the occupants additional time to make use of the funds that have been raised in order to find suitable alternative accommodation to ensure the safety and security of the families involved.”

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