DECISION TIME: John Black and Marlena.

There’s no denying it anymore, Days of Our Lives is coming to an end in 20 days’ time and SA fans are going to be left in the dark about the futures of the characters we’ve come to love and hate.

The public broadcaster has cancelled the long-running soapie to make way for more local content, and the last episode of Days will be aired on Wednesday, July 20.

The SABC has not given any reason why they are ending Days of Our Lives in the middle of season 33.

If you didn’t know yet, the United States is three years ahead in programming of Days.

So it is possible for us to reveal a few juicy bits and pieces.

Spoiler alert! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what’s going to happen over the next few weeks (or months), in case the SABC changes its mind.

In today’s episode, news of Gabi’s baby going missing spreads in Salem and Kristen is left heartbroken when Brady dumps her.

Over the next two weeks there is going to be a dramatic shooting, and Marlena is finally making up her mind about John Black.

After the shooting, someone is arrested and thrown in jail, but SA fans will never know what happens IN the court case and the person left on life support at Salem University Hospital.

What we can tell you is that a year from now, Marlena will still be uncertain about John, and Sami does indeed end up at the altar with Rafe!

Days will clock out with episode 12 107 in South Africa.