‘Daughter tried to burn us all’



July 11, 2017
‘Daughter tried to burn us all’

DEVASTATED: Willemina Malgas, together with Claude Parsons, survey damage at their Prunus Street home yesterday

Bontas folks report own child to cops

A young woman has been arrested after she allegedly tried to kill her parents by setting them alight.
The Bonteheuwel family has now been left homeless after their own daughter allegedly set their home on fire.

Two Wendy houses situated on one property in Prunus Street went up in flames in the early hours of yesterday morning displacing four adults and two children.

Willemina Malgas told the Daily Voice that she had had her own daughter, Wendy, 22, arrested for the blaze.

“Sy is mos nie lekker nie and she uses drugs. She was here two days ago and told us she is going to burn us. She came in the morning while we were sleeping and started a fire in the house,” says the mom.

Willemina says she, her husband and her two younger children had to run for their lives and have lost everything.

Neighbours say the fire spread quickly and moved to the next Wendy house occupied by Stanley and Maredy Timm.

Maredy says she saw smoke shortly after 1am and then heard loud voices.

“The people were screaming and then we saw the fire. We tried to put it out, but it was too quick for us and burnt both Wendy houses and now we have nothing. All our stuff is gone,” she says.

Fire and Rescue Services spokesperson, Theo Layne, says they received the call at 2.13am and the fire was extinguished by 2.53am.

“The fire report indicates that two structures were destroyed but there were no injuries and no fatalities. The report says the cause is undetermined.”

Willemina, however, says she called Bishop Lavis police who arrested her daughter.

“Nee, sy moet gaan sit vir haar dinge. Haar broers het niks vir die skool nou nie. Alles is weg.”

Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut confirms the arrest and says the woman has been charged with arson.

Another Wendy house in Bonteheuwel also went up in flames in Assegaai Avenue yesterday before 11am.

The fire burnt through electric cables and while the community was trying to douse the flames, skelms made off with the copper wires.

They were interrupted by ward councillor, Angus McKenzie, who shouted: “Jy, wat maak julle?”

The skelms replied: “Jy, * *****, moenie kom k** maak nie.”

To which McKenzie said: “Is jy j**? Julle kannie die goed vat nie. Die man se huis is aan die brand.”

Layne says the fire was extinguished at 11.19am and there were no injuries.

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