STEP UP: You must piemp water wasters to the City Council
Level 4 water restrictions kick in next week, but the City of Cape Town says mense should urgently start saving water.

The City yesterday sent out a “critical” warning to residents to stop wasting water after dam storage levels dropped to a disastrous 9.7 percent.

Disappointingly, consumption remains at 666 million litres, which is above the consumption target of 600 million litres, says Councillor Xanthea Limberg, Mayoral Committee Member for Informal Settlements, Water and Waste Services; and Energy.

“We are currently in the most critical stage of this drought crisis, yet consumption remains too high. Residents are reminded to use water only for drinking, washing and cooking.

“Tougher restrictions will be implemented this week. The exact restrictions that will be passed must still be deliberated by Council, however a blanket ban on all irrigation, filling of pools and washing of cars with drinking water has been recommended [among other things] by the Mayoral Committee.”

She says while dam levels are low, residents can be assured that water remains safe to drink.

This after several hoaxes were spread on social media, telling people that the City has asked residents to boil tap water before drinking due to low dam levels.

“While the last 10 percent of a dam’s volume is difficult to treat to acceptable standards, we have not yet reached this level. Water remains safe to drink.

“Water undergoes extensive filtration as well as chemical treatment before it is pressure-fed into the reticulation system,” she says.

Residents are urged to use only 100 litres or less water per person per day.

“A five-minute shower can use between 40 litres and 70 litres, and flushing a toilet uses six to 21 litres, depending on the size of the cistern.

“As such, the City recommends limiting time under the shower to two minutes and only flushing the toilet when absolutely necessary,” she says.

Limberg urged Capetonians to also check their property for leaks.

You can piemp water wasters by emailing [email protected] or send an SMS to 31373.