PROOF OF PURCHASE: The sell-by date was only June 28. CREDIT: Manqoba Ngidi
This ouma is suur after she bought a carton of off milk from a Shoprite store - and they allegedly failed to reimburse her.

The 49-year-old woman from Steenberg says she bought the long-life DairyBelle milk on Monday at Shoprite in Retreat.

But later when she added the milk to a muffin mix, all that came out of the carton was “big blobs of suur melk”.

At the end of every school term for the past eight years, Sheila Steyn has baked muffins for her grandchildren as a treat for report week.

But this experience has soured what is a happy tradition in the Steyn family.

She says the sell-by date on the milk was June 28, 2016.

“When I contacted the store, they gave me the runaround and when I eventually spoke to someone, he said it’s not his problem and was very rude. I was shocked,” she says.

“How can they have stuff like this on the shelves? Is it because we are poor people? What if one of my grandkids had opened the milk and drank straight out of the carton?

“They could have gotten sick and then what would Shoprite have done?”

Sheila says she has nothing against the store, but they need to take responsibility for their mistake.

“I want them to replace my four eggs, my pakkie self-raising flour, my two cups of sugar and the milk. I also expect an apology from that salesperson who was so rude.”

Shoprite Group spokesperson Sarita van Wyk says they’re sorry to hear of Sheila’s bad experience, and wanted to make amends.

“Our policy is to try our best to make our customers happy after a bad experience and cases are handled on an individual basis in line with the circumstances, and the least that should be done is to refund or replace the product concerned.

“We will take this up with the branch manager. The product was still within its sell-by date and therefore it was not to be expected that there would be quality issues. We would like to make contact with the customer to resolve the matter for her,” says van Wyk.