DA candidate for Ward 50, Angus MacKenzie

A Democratic Alliance motorcade was attacked, allegedly by a group of African National Congress members in Bonteheuwel on Tuesday night.

The incident, which allegedly occurred just after 8pm in Avocado Street, has been reported to the police.

DA ward candidate for Ward 50, Angus McKenzie, 34, says a brick was thrown at him.

But the baksteen hit DA youth mayor, Carl Pophain, 18, in the chest, smashing his iPhone 6S, which was in his breast pocket.

The brick bounced of it and hit another member’s shoulder.

Mckenzie, who lives in Parow, says he was using a loud hailer to remind people to vote on Wednesday.

He says the bakkie dragging a trailer with some 15 DA members standing on it made a u-turn at the end of the street, and as they were heading out, two men who were standing with ANC ward candidate Shanaaz Gafieldien, started swearing at them.

“We saw them coming and I shouted for our driver to go. She braked, not realising we were being attacked and the guys gained ground. They threw that brick at me and I might be in hospital now had it hit their mark.”

McKenzie says he immediately drove to Bishop Lavis Police station to lay a charge.

“This was a calculated attack.”

But Gafieldien rubbished the claims and says she was not even home when the alleged incident occurred. She said she was “tired of McKenzie’s games”.

"He comes into my street bad-mouthing me and the community stood up to him. I was not here. He is always slandering my name. They dragged a boy in my street with the bakkie as well because he defended me. He must stop looking at other people and start keeping the empty promises he is making."

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirms an assault charge is being investigated.

He says no arrests have been made.