DONATION: President Jacob Zuma offered Juanita Pieters 
a new home after her child 
Courtney’s tragic death

The Elsies River family confirmed yesterday that they have found a house on the Cape Flats, and would be moving in shortly.

Spokesperson for the family, Roegshanda Pascoe, says for now the location of the new house is still being kept secret.

She says an administrator from the president’s office worked with the family to ensure a home was found in any area deemed secure and suitable for the family.

“We have found a house for (Courtney’s mom) Juanita and her family and they will be moving as soon as the paperwork is done,” Roegshanda says.

She says the move is expected to happen next month.

Meanwhile, families of the 19 children that have been murdered in the Western Cape since 1 January will be telling their stories of grief in Parliament tomorrow.

Roegshanda says: “As community workers, we always get told we do not do enough. We actually got the president to take note of one wrong committed to a family and still we are criticised.

“On Tuesday all the 19 families will have a chance to speak at the National Assembly and air their grievances. I hope this will help all the families.”

She says while money and a new house won’t bring Juanita’s youngest child back, it is comforting to know the mom will no longer be living in the Pluto Street house, which was home to about 15 people.

One of the tenants was Mortimer Saunders, 40, a long-time family friend who was charged with the rape and murder of Courtney.

“A contribution from the government may not bring back their children, but relieving the plight of our poor communities is always welcome,” Roegshanda adds.

Little Courtney, 3, was kidnapped, raped and murdered, possibly in the house.

She went missing on 4 May and her body was found on a field in Epping nine days later.

During a visit to the house two weeks ago, Zuma promised Juanita a new house to escape the tragedy, and also donated R10 000 in cash to assist with funeral arrangements.

Zuma has also asked Police Minister Fikile Mbalula to look into the community’s claims of shoddy police work, after cops failed to first search the family’s home shortly after Courtney’s disappearance.

The National Prosecuting Authority revealed that 19 children have been murdered in the Western Cape since 1 January Iyapha Yamile, 4, of Khayelitsha and Stacha Arendse, 11 of Tafelsig.

Meanwhile, Juanita is still trying to deal with neighbours and residents turning on her last week, accusing her of knowing Courtney was being molested by Saunders.

It was alleged that she and Saunders had been jolling behind her husband Aaron Fourie’s back.

The mom was escorted out of the Goodwood Magistrates’ Court last week by police and taken home, where about 100 angry people bayed for her blood outside.

But Juanita insists she never left her children with Saunders.

“I never liked him and he knew it. He always made trouble in the house, causing conflict between my in-laws and myself. He liked the trouble and just sat down watching what happened afterwards.”