MURDERED: Sinoxolo Mafevuka
The timeline of events that occurred on the day when the body of Mafevuka,19, was discovered were put to the court by defence lawyer Mornay Calitz.

Two cousins, Xolisa and Athabile Mafilika, face charges of rape and murder.

Mafevuka was found dead in communal toilets at the SST Block in Town Two, Khayelitsha, last year. 

Calitz, during cross-examination of State witness Constable Nomaphondomise Gobodo, said screams were heard at about 12.30am. Police only arrived at 8.15am to secure the scene.

“Eight hours lapsed before the time you got to the scene and to the body,” said Calitz. Athabile’s lawyer, Shaid Bruinders, took it a step further.

“Could anyone from the community have entered the cubicle before the crime scene was preserved?” Bruinders asked Gobodo.

The defence argued that the screams heard after midnight were Mafevuka's.
CRIME SCENE: Nineteen-year-old Sinoxolo Mafekuva’s body was found stuffed in a toilet in Khayelitsha. She was allegedly raped. Picture: Cindy Waxa

However, Gobodo said she could not confirm this.

“I know nothing about screams. That you will have to ask your source. I also cannot say the scene was unpreserved for eight hours because we (the police) only got a call about the scene at 8am,” she said.

In her testimony, Gobodo said that upon arrival she was met by a man who told her about the crime scene and took her to it. She said she included this in her statement. However, according to the defence team no statement was taken from this man.

The defence also analysed the type of clothing that was found in the toilet, whether it was male or female clothing, but that line of questioning was objected to by State prosecutor Ralf Zeeman on the grounds that Gobodo was not an expert in that area.

The trial has been postponed until Monday for an inspection in loco — when court proceedings take place at the crime scene.