SUBMERGED: Police van nosedive's into a canal. SOURCE: Facebook

Police landed themselves in err… cold water after taking a nosedive into a canal while chasing a toy gun-wielding suspect.

The two Strand cops escaped unharmed after their official vehicle landed in a ditch in Broadway Road, Strand, on Saturday morning.

The officers were chasing after the suspect who robbed a cyclist of his bicycle with a toy gun when they lost control of their vehicle.

The van was nearly submerged in the murky waters with just the roof sticking out.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk explains: “On [Saturday morning] at 4.50am, Strand police members drove a police vehicle into a ditch while chasing a suspect and lost control of the vehicle.

“The suspect apparently robbed a complainant of his bicycle at gunpoint.

“While speaking to the complainant, the members spotted the suspect and pursued but lost control of the vehicle and it landed in a ditch.

“The stolen bicycle and toy firearm that was used by suspect was recovered but the suspect got way.”

Van Wyk says a case of reckless and negligent driving was opened.