REAL DEAL: A traffic official said the fake temporary driver's licence looks legitimate

One 48-year-old man from Ottery, who paid the woman R3 800, says he’s been back and forth to her house but she’s never there.

Two weeks ago, a group of about 20 angry people descended on the woman’s home in Woodlands, Mitchells Plain, looting the house in order to get their money or their items of equal value back.

The Ottery resident admits he was wrong to try and buy his licence, but says he was sick of failing the test.

“I don’t know what is going on now, but I want my money and she’d better be willing to give it to me or there will be trouble.”

He describes his “connection” as looking like a “typical housewife”.

But she’s apparently well-known for her services and has allegedly been selling fake driver’s licences “for years”.

The man says she gave him a temporary licence and told him to wait for the card.

“I have no idea where she goes or how she does it. The licence is however legitimate,” he insists.

The Daily Voice showed the temporary licence to a traffic official, who could not find any fault with it.

“This looks like a legitimate document,” the cop said.

Another “victim” claims she and her husband were also defrauded out of R7 600, and were among the mob who looted the house.

“We took stuff to the value of the R7 600 we lost,” the defiant woman says.

The 43-year-old mother of three says she needed her licence and was also tired of failing the test.

“I heard about her [through friends] and * knew she did this all the time,” says the mom.

“According to what she told us, there was something wrong with the printer, but it’s been months now and she would not give us our money back.

“So we took what we deserved. Computers, TVs, DStv and a printer.

“Just like us, she cannot call the police to complain and she cannot do anything about us taking her stuff.

“She must come with my money.”

The Daily Voice visited the woman’s house on three occasions, but she was not home.

We also called three different cellphone numbers she had given to her alleged victims, but did not respond to messages left on her voicemail, or SMSes.