SHOT DEAD: Chico van Rooyen, 34

A known drug dealer in Kraaifontein named Chico was shot and killed in his VW Golf Chico on Wednesday evening while waiting for his wife at a train station.

Chico van Rooyen, 34, who was popular in the area of Scottsdene called The Zoo, was parked at Eikenfontein station on the corner of 11th Avenue and Petersen Street when he came under attack.

He died behind the wheel of his car.

Youngsters at the scene of the shooting told Daily Voice Van Rooyen would be missed. And they believe he was killed by rival gangs fighting over drug turf.

A witness says the community is in shock.

“Lots of people looked up to Chico. A friend of mine would have taken a lift with Chico, but decided to take the taxi," he says.

"He probably would have been dead now as well. His rivals must have timed him while he parked at the station. It was a drive-by, beautifully executed, waking up the entire neighbourhood as shot after shot was fired."

SCENE: Corner of 11th Avenue and Petersen Street in Kraaifontein. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

According to the witness, Chico’s runners rushed to his aid, but were too late to help him.

“He died in his pretty, shiny car, just the way everyone always saw him and the community knew him.

"He was generous to the people of The Zoo and will be missed for that side of him.

"It must have been hard for his wife to see him die that way."

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirms that a murder case was opened for investigation and no arrests have been made yet.