Cashing in on Pokémon koppe



July 21, 2016
Cashing in on Pokémon koppe

UNIQUE: Chauffeur sevices for Pokémon Go users

Entrepreneurs have seen a gap in the market and are now offering to help you find the creatures.

If you’re moeg of running after Pokémon, you can now hire someone to do it for you.

Wakker entrepreneurs have seen a gap in the market, and are now advertising private chauffeur services, offering to drive players around Cape Town and Johannesburg to hunt for the elusive virtual creatures – at R10 a kilometre.

Several Pokémon-related ads have been spotted on online classifieds sites such as Gumtree.

The game‚ which uses the built-in camera and GPS on mobile phones to help players locate‚ capture and battle Pikachu and his maatjies, has taken the world by storm.

South Africans are also playing, although the game is not yet officially available in the country.

Gumtree this week started sprouting adverts for all Pokémon dinge, card collections and even a Cape Town player selling his level 15 Pokémon Go account for R1 000.

The seller has apparently walked far and wide, and the kwaai account comes with “lots of items including great balls and lures. 60 Pokemon caught and over 900CP Pokémon.”

Another slim outjie posted on Tuesday: “Will drive you around while you catch Pokémon and travel to any area required to catch Water/Fire Pokémon etc. Working in Rondebosch‚ Claremont‚ Wynberg and Constantia. Rate is R10 per km and no more than 4 passengers allowed at a time. Phone calls only please.”

It’s a little more expensive in Joburg, where the same service will cost you R100 an hour plus R10 a kilometre. Mind you, this includes free charging of your phone, free WiFi and free water.

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