GEBOU: Maurice Paige, Calvin from TV’s Isidingo.
Maurice Paige is flexing all the right muscles these days and is looking hotter than ever.

The actor, who plays naughty Calvin in Isidingo, has a new hobby, and is so good at bodybuilding that he won his very first competition this weekend.

The 33-year-old hunk has been hard at work since December sculpting his amazing lyf, and it’s finally paid off.

On Saturday, for the first time, he competed in the International Federation of Bodybuilding SA’s Muscle Mulisha, the professional division nogals, and sommer outmuscled the competition.

“I won hey, my first ever competition and I’m invited to compete at international level in Spain, Barcelona,” he said yesterday.

“I was thrown in the deep side with the big fishes,” he jokes.

Maurice has always had an impressive six-pack, but admits some other areas on his lyf needed attention.

“My legs, I do leg sessions because I’ve always had skinny legs, but now they are more defined,” he says.

And if you’re following him on Instagram, you’ll get an eyeful of all the body parts Maurice has been working on.

“It definitely hasn’t been easy,” he confesses.

“I am on a strict diet, I cook my own food and there is no fast food allowed, or the stuff I’m used to; I like peanut butter and bread so that was out of the question.”

But he assures Isidingo fans he’s not leaving acting for bodybuilding.

Maurice says his colleagues have been very patient with him this year, as he takes a break every two hours to pack in the protein.

“I’m lucky because the guys on set have allowed me to have my meals there so that I can eat when I must,” he says.

This amounts to about 400 grams of meat (fish, chicken, ostrich, red meat), and lots of veggies.

Asked if he’s sharing his lekker lyf with someone special, he laughs and says: “I’d rather keep my private life private.”

His next goal is to be on the front page of one of the country’s top fitness magazines.