Bust for burying baby in neighbour’s yard



September 1, 2016
Bust for burying baby in neighbour’s yard

GRAVE: Foetus dug up at a home in Statice Heights, Kewtown

The foetus was dug up after cops received a tip-off.

A 23-year-old woman was arrested after cops found her baby buried in a neighbour’s backyard.

It’s alleged she had illegally aborted her baby, and hid the foetus in her best friend’s yard in Athlone.

The 18-week-old male foetus was discovered after police apparently received a tip-off.

The woman, who cannot be named until she appears at the Athlone Magistrates’ Court, could possibly face a charge of murder if an autopsy proves her baby was alive when it was born.

She was nabbed on Tuesday at her home in Spearmint Street, Statice Heights, in Kewtown.

According to a police source, she had an abortion at a “shady” clinic after being turned away at a government clinic for being too far along.

Legally, abortions may be done up to 13 weeks.

She had allegedly first thrown the baby in a bin, but then apparently changed her mind and buried it in her 18-year-old friend’s backyard about a month ago.

GRAVE: Foetus dug up at a home in Statice Heights, Kewton

Sergeant Zita Norman of Athlone police confirms the woman’s arrest: “She is facing a charge of concealment of birth. An autopsy will be conducted to see if the baby was alive and if that is the case, she will face murder charges.’’

The young woman’s family refused to speak to the Daily Voice.

Their neighbour, Harry Strydom, 50, who is the owner of the house where the foetus was buried, says they were shocked to learn the dead baby had been buried there.

He says cops arrived at his house on Tuesday, dug up a hole in his yard and found the tiny body wrapped in a bag.

He says the woman had asked him for sand for her cat’s litter box.

“I was inside the house when she buried the baby and I didn’t know anything,” says Harry.

“She told the police she had a legal abortion which cost R3 500 and that she had the papers to show the police.’’

Anyone with information may call Detective Alwin 
Fortuin on 021 697 9238.

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