WEAPON CHARGES: Irshaad “Hunter” Laher. CREDIT: Lulama Zenzile

A well-known Cape businessman has been linked to a dirty cop who has been convicted of selling guns to gangsters on the Cape Flats.

Irshaad “Hunter” Laher was arrested at his larney R3million Rondebosch home last Thursday.

Police sources say he is accused of supplying firearms to gangs like the Americans, Mongrels and Hard Livings.

But Laher claims it’s his love of weaponry and hunting that put a target on his back.

The 41-year-old allegedly acted as a middleman, buying guns in bulk from convicted former officer Christiaan Prinsloo, before reselling it to skollies.

Laher is the owner of the Spur franchises in Ottery and Observatory, as well as Nando’s in Athlone.

He also leases five properties in Lansdowne with a joint value of R2.5million, according to court papers.

Laher, who is married with two children, aged 10 and eight, appeared at the Bellville Magistrates’ Court on Monday on charges of corruption, theft of firearms and ammunition, possession of prohibited firearms, selling and money laundering.

He was released on R100 000 bail and is yet to enter a plea.

NPA spokesman Eric Ntabazalila said they didn’t oppose bail as Laher cooperated with police.

“He is the second accused of three and there is strong evidence against him,” he added.

His arrest comes after former Vereeniging Police Colonel Prinsloo received an 18-year jail sentence after a plea agreement.

Ntabazalila said: “Prinsloo sold guns to the accused and he paid him (Prinsloo). The majority of those guns landed in the hands of gangs.”

Senior cop Captain Clive Ontong, who took the stand on Monday, said Prinsloo told cops he met Laher near Ottery Spur.

“Some of the deliveries were made in a parking lot at the McDonald’s restaurant close to the Twin Peak Spur restaurant in Ottery, which is owned by the applicant,” he says.

“The arrangement continued from December 2014 when (Laher) paid Prinsloo the amount of R120 000 in order to supply him with more firearms.

“This delivery never materialised and Prinsloo was arrested in January 2015.”

Ontong said Prinsloo sold about 2000 weapons to Laher, who was interested in 9mm pistols such as Berettas and z88s.

“They agreed on a price of R1 000 per firearm to test the market. At some stage the applicant was interested in R5 machine guns that Prinsloo sold to the applicant for R3 500 each,” he added.

In a 40-page affidavit, Laher said he knew cops were watching him. He said he kept weapons for safety and recreational activities.

“In February 2015, I received information that I was allegedly involved in a criminal syndicate. I have cooperated fully with the police since January 2015… I handed myself over and was subject to a full search operation and arrest in my neighbourhood in front of the community and my family.”

“I have been declared a dedicated shooter and I am also part of the SA Hunters Association.”

In August 2010, Laher was shot and left in a wheelchair for eight months following an armed robbery at his home.

He is expected back in court on July 22.