Brazilian is halaal



July 1, 2016
Brazilian is halaal

STRAIGHTENED OUT: Blowout is deemed as halaal.

Hair treatment given approval by the MJC.

Ladies, julle kan maar ophou huil, your hair will not be kroes for Labarang.

The Muslim Judicial Council has given Brazilian blowouts its stamp of approval.

MJC Halaal Trust director Sheikh Achmat Sedick said after considering all information available to him, he found nothing wrong with Muslim ladies using the Brazilian Cacau treatment to make their hare styl.

The statement comes as Muslim women were paaping after the Johannesburg-based SA National Halaal Authority (Sanha) temporarily banned the hair treatment while it investigated claims that it wasn’t fully compliant with Sharia law.

Sanha said there were concerns that the treatment forms an “impermeable coating” on the hair shaft which “interferes” with the obligatory ritual bath (ghusl), which requires that hair must be wet.

The news wasn’t well received on social media, where many called the ban unnecessary.

Widaad Fester wrote on Facebook: “Its more about the scalp getting wet, in fact when a woman ghusls she can have her hair tied.”

“And besides the hair actually gets soaking wet when you wash your hair… sorry but I don’t think it holds any clout!”

Salon owner Razia Amod says she found Sanha’s theory a bit disturbing: “Absorption of water is definitely experienced. The stylist recommends the client to dry the hair with cool air and reapply flat iron.

“The hair is washed again and all chemicals remaining on the hair are removed.”

But after all the uncertainty, the MJC has come to the rescue of women hoping for a sleek head of hair on Eid.

Sheikh Sedick said providing that all the chemicals used in the treatment are halaal-compliant, “when the above is applied to hair, water still reaches and can penetrate the scalp. In my opinion there is nothing wrong in using it for the intended purpose.”

Salon owner Ansaar Sulaiman has had to deal with more than 50 worried customers since Monday.

“I am so relieved. I have lots of Muslim customers this week, especially for Eid,” says Ansaar.

“They will be happy that I will be doing the treatment for them. I trust the MJC with this decision.”

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