Boy finds a pill in his chips



July 4, 2016
Boy finds a pill in his chips

A white capsule containing an unknown substance was found in a packet of chips.

This young boy didn’t bargain on finding a capsule when he went to go buy a pakkie five-bob chips.

Shanton Petersen, 9, from Ottery got money from his grandmother to buy himself and Jayden, his three-year-old brother, each a packet of Tooni Snax.

But after opening his baby brother’s chips, he found an unidentified white pill in it.

The boy immediately went to go show his ouma what he found.

Granny Anita Pietersen, 49, says she got the shock of her life when Shanton showed her the pil.

“I immediately took it back to the shop, the guy apologised but says the fault is not theirs as they merely purchase it and don’t know what the manufacturers put in there,” says Anita.

“What if Jayden ate it and no one saw? We don’t even know what type of pill it is because there is no way to identify it. Jayden has never had a capsule, what if he thought it was a sweet?” she says.

The Daily Voice contacted Natasha Hyman, the spokesperson for 6 Inches (PTY) LTD, manufacturers of Tooni Snax, who said it was the first time such an incident has been reported.

“I am deeply shocked and horrified and would never wish harm on a child or another human being,” says Hyman.

“We have very strict quality measures in place and have never had such an occurrence. I would love to drop off free stock at the grandparents’ house with a huge apology,” she added.

The manufacturer has launched an investigation into the matter.

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