CALLED IN: SAPS’ K9 Unit. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas
Police say a bomb scare that temporarily shut down the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday was caused by a hoax telephone call.

Cape Town Police spokesman Constable Denver Venketsamy says a man with an Indian accent called a landline inside the court, and warned of a bomb on the premises.

He says the call was received by a employee of the Department of Justice at 9.10am, who reported it to police.

“The complainant received the threat over the landline on the court premises.

“The threat was issued by an unknown male with an Indian accent.”

The High Court was immediately evacuated and the SAPS Explosives and K9 Units swept through the premises.

No explosives were found and the building was declared safe.

Venketsamy added that a criminal case has been opened.

“No arrests have been made.”