Blue shade shoes



September 1, 2016
Blue shade shoes

DISSATISFIED: Gasant Abrahams shows his polish. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Guard says black polish turned his boots blue.

This security guard likes to look reg for his job, and that includes keeping his shoes blink.

But Gasant Abrahams, 52, is livid after discovering his shoe polish had turned his brand-new canvas black boots blue.

The security officer from Pelican Park is now demanding that Lion Shoe Polish company replace his skoene with new ones.

He says after noticing the blue tint on his boots, he checked the polish which looked black, but appears blue on a white tissue.

He double checked the lid to see if he bought the wrong colour polish, but it said black on the tin.

CHANGE: Gasant’s boots are now blue

Gasant, a security guard at Giant Wholesalers in Epping, says in July, shortly after starting his new job, he bought a big tin of Lion Black Shoe Polish.

“When I brushed the polish onto my shoes it immediately looked wrong, but I polished my shoes anyway. The following day my shoes looked navy blue. Those are brand new boots and they should not be blue. I took white toilet paper and swiped a bit out of the tin and that was blue too. How can they sell this to people? My shoes are ruined,” says Abrahams.

He says his new co-workers warned him not to use Lion, which he never used before, but it didn’t occur to him his new shoes would turn blue.

The Daily Voice also tested the polish, which appeared blue on white cloth.

Gasant adds: “I’ve been talking to the Lion people since July and they sent a representative to my boss and gave him R100 to compensate me. Nobody spoke to me. They need to explain to me why their product is flawed and buy me new boots.”

Lion has indicated they were aware of the matter when Daily Voice called them, but did not respond to emailed queries by last night.

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