HOPE: Mom Porchia, Destiny and dad Enrico Everts from Grabouw
Cape musicians have opened their hearts to assist this brave little angel, who desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

Four-year-old Destiny Everts was diagnosed with Pre-B Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in June last year and has been fighting the dreaded disease ever since.

The Grabouw family needs to raise R200 000 for tests in order to find a suitable bone marrow donor for the little cancer sufferer.

“We still need to raise more than R150 000,” explains Destiny’s mom Porchia Karelse, 27.

Now artists like Idols finalist Elwira Standili, Austin Rose, entertainer Erica Vivace and Grabouw band Elginairs and The Buskers Morné Holland and Elton November, are banding together for a fundraiser at the Gerald Wright Hall in Grabouw on Saturday.

The talented Vivace, who is originally from Grabouw, appealed to mense on Facebook to support the show, and also to donate.

“We can’t even begin to understand the financial, psychological or emotional challenges this family and their little daughter face.”

LOCAL TALENT: Morné and Elton. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Doctors said Destiny needs a life-saving bone marrow transplant after she had a relapse in March, following six months of intensive chemotherapy.

“I was broken because I thought we had won the battle (against cancer),” says Porchia.

The mom and Destiny’s dad Enrico Everts are not suitable donors.

“He (Enrico) was a 95% match but they need a 100% match,” says Porchia sadly.

Busker Morné Holland heard from a close family friend about the little girl’s illness and immediately wanted to help.

“Elton and I both have three children, so we are really going to do everything we can to help Destiny,” says Morné.

“We will plan a series of fundraisers till we get to that target because I said to Elton: ‘Imagine the Buskers can save a life!’”

Porchia and Enrico shaved their hair off after Destiny lost her curls due to chemotherapy.

“She’s very positive and strong,” adds Porchia.

Destiny is still receiving chemo at Tygerberg Hospital as she has to be cancer-free before the transplant can be done.

“We want people to have themselves tested as possible bone marrow donors, not just for Destiny but everybody else who needs it,” says Porchia.

If you can assist the family, contact Marshalow on 060 614 5481 or Porchia on 081 094 0142.