Slain baby Zahnia and mom Cindy Woodwar. CREDIT: Facebook

Christopher September, Larry Johnson, Taswell Kriel and Morne May kept looked straight ahead and did not turn round to face the packed courtroom.

Tiny Zahnia Woodward was shot and killed on December 30 last year after five men in a white VW Golf opened fire on her father, Bradley Robyn, 24, and his friends as they sat waiting for her mother, Cindy Woodward, 20, to come home from work.

Zahnia was sitting on Bradley’s lap and was shot through the head.

The young father and one of his friends were injured in the shooting.

Police say the fifth suspect is still at large.

In court yesterday, September’s attorney, Adrian Samuels, excused himself from the case, saying his client could no longer afford his fees.

The case was postponed to May 2 in order for the accused to find another lawyer, and for further investigation.

Outside court, Samuels told Cindy that she and her mother Jennifer can stop skelling with him now, as him representing September “was nothing personal”.

Cindy, who previously tried to attack September for smirking at her in court, says all she wants is justice for her baby.

“They did not even dare look at us this time in court. I do feel some relief that they are running out of money and can’t even maintain a lawyer,” she says.