UNDIGNIFIED: Human ashes in a Shoprite packet

Carla Borges had planned to scatter the ashes along the South Coast.

But she was left fuming when a Phoenix funeral home delivered the ashes in a yellow plastic bag, instead of a wooden urn she had expected.

The deceased had been living with Borges and died two weeks ago.

An emotional Borges told Daily News that she and the deceased woman had been friends for more than 10 years.

On March 23, Borges and her wife made arrangements with the Phoenix-based funeral home to have the woman’s remains cremated and then handed to them.

“[An employee] told us the R5 200 that we were quoted did not include an urn. At his suggestion, we agreed that our friend be cremated and her ashes be sealed in a plastic bag and wrapped in a white cloth. To us, this meant we could simply open the cloth and scatter her ashes as she had requested,” Borges said.

She says after the driver delivered the sakkie, she noticed a “trail of ashes” on her floor.

“The packet had a hole in it. I have had dogs cremated and never have I experienced this. When my dogs are cremated, we are given their ashes in a box with their details and a cremation certificate,” Borges said.

The funeral parlour has threatened to sue the couple for comments made on Facebook.