Artist ‘depicts Zuptagate’ in a painting



July 13, 2016
Artist ‘depicts Zuptagate’ in a painting

Controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu

Ayanda Mabulu puts brush to canvas in a controversial portrayal of alleged State capture.

Artist Ayanda Mabulu has taken a swipe at President Jacob Zuma’s family jewels – again.

This time his satirical artwork has a touch of porn, and shows Zuma “brown-nosing” his pals, the Guptas, much to the horror of the ANC and Zuma’s fans.

The ANC has dismissed the controversial Joburg-based artist’s latest works as “vulgar and disrespectful” and called on South Africans to condemn them.

In one painting, Zuma and Atul Gupta are in a plane cockpit against the backdrop of an ANC flag.

The elder Gupta brother is naked and is bending over, with his large buttocks in Zuma’s face, as Zuma sticks his tongue out.In a second painting, Zuma is seen sleeping on a chair, a loin cloth over his waist with his genitals exposed.

HOT TOPIC: Mabulu’s interpretation of Jacob Zuma and Atul Gupta’s relationship.

People have slammed the paintings on social media as “cheap and vulgar”.

@themaytrix23 tweeted: “A sick man with crayons”

@PoshMash said: “Pres Zuma is human before he is president, he is someone’s father, someone’s grandfather..that’s distasteful”

But @MakamuSiyabonga tweeted: “Lol… the pic tells a lot of truth, disrespectful it is, but very true and JZ also doesn’t respect us, why respect him.”

Mabulu has previously shocked with artworks Pornography of Power and Umshini Wam‚ both exposing Zuma’s private parts.

He is one of 11 “born free” artists exhibiting their work on the theme of the country before and after democracy.

The paintings are on exhibition at Constitutional Hill in Braamfontein until July 24.

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