Another blow for Metrorail as train goes up in flames — twice



June 15, 2017
Another blow for Metrorail as train goes up in flames — twice

SCENE: Koeberg depot in Cape Town on Thursday morning. Photo: Supplied by City of Cape Town Fire.

Train set alight on Wednesday evening, catches fire again on Thursday, says Metrorail.

Another train carriage has been gutted in Cape Town after a fire on Thursday morning and according to Metrorail the blaze resulted from an arson attack near Stellenbosch.

Metrorail spokeswoman Riana Scott confirmed police arrested a suspect after train carriages were set alight at the Koelenhof station on Wednesday night.

The same train, which had been parked at Metrorail’s Koeberg depot, then caught alight as a result of a “residual fire”, Scott said.

She said the fire would not affect services.

City of Cape Town Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Theo Layne said firefighters responded to news of the fire at the Koeberg depot at 10.57am on Thursday morning.

“It took firefighters just over an hour to completely extinguish the fire,” he said.

On Monday, several carriages of two trains were set alight at Cape Town Railway Station after major delays which caused commuters to go on the rampage, vandalising and looting shops.

African News Agency

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