Anger at double murder



August 23, 2016
Anger at double murder

MURDERED: Nichole Raubenheimer and Christopher Tromp, both 20

About 300 relatives and friends arrive at court to support families.

Hundreds of relatives and friends came to the Somerset West Magistrates’ Court to confront the alleged killers of two young people who were brutally murdered last week.

The bodies of Nicole Raubenheimer, 20, from Garden Village and Christopher Tromp, 20, from Macassar were found a day apart.

Both had been stabbed to death and had black bags wrapped around their heads.

Community members believe the victims and the accused knew each other.

Fabio Diedericks, 20, and Bradlee Richter, 21, both from Somerset West, were arrested on Saturday night and have been charged with two counts of murder, robbery and aggravated assault.

Christopher was reported missing at the Macassar Police Station last Tuesday by his father, Denzil Tromp, and his body was found on Thursday evening on Sir Lowry’s Pass.

He had been stabbed multiple times and a bag had been tied around his head.

Nicole was found by her mother Riena at their home in Folkstone, Victoria Park, on Wednesday evening.

She had also been stabbed several times and died of her injuries.

Nicole had apparently also had a black bag wrapped around her head.

The courtroom and foyer at Court A was packed as relatives of both the accused and the victims came to support their loved ones.

The majority, about 300, were relatives and friends of Nicole and Christopher.

Police were out in force.

MURDER SUSPECT: Bradlee Richter, 21

Diedericks and Richter were assigned the same legal aid attorney.

The case was postponed for bail information, and the accused were remanded in custody.

A devastated Riena was highly emotional as people were asked to leave court and only the families were allowed back in.

Riena said details of her daughter’s brutal death reported in the media are not true.

With angry tears streaming down her face, she shouted: “The stories that have been told are all lies.”

The mom was helped away by relatives.

It’s been reported that Nicole and Christopher had been with the two accused at her house since Wednesday morning, where they drinking.

And that the young woman and Richter were in a relationship.

The accused are expected back in court on 29 August.

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