ANC’s Sotashe wants to ‘skin skelms alive’



June 14, 2017
ANC’s Sotashe wants to ‘skin skelms alive’

KWAAD: Sotashe

An ANC dik ding is hopping mad after his car was broken into while parked in front of his house.

Opportunistic skelms made off with the personal belongings of ANC Cape Metro Leader, Xolani Sotashe, yesterday morning.

Posting about his loss on Facebook, an angry Sotashe said he would “skin the skelms alive” if he ever gets his hands on them.

Sotashe’s white double cab bakkie was broken into just after 7am in front of his Gordon Bay home.

Sotashe says he is devastated because important items were stolen.

He says documentation was destroyed, while his laptop, identity document and driver’s license were taken.

He posted photos of his bakkie’s smashed in right rear window and broken glass can be seen in the window rubber.

Sotashe wrote on his Facebook wall: “I am devastated. These bunch of criminals broke into my car. Taking everything. Laptop, wallet was taken. Destroyed my documents. I don’t have bank cards, no license, no identity document. They must pray I don’t find them otherwise I will skin them alive. Bloody morons.[sic]”

Speaking to the Daily Voice yesterday, Sotashe said he was shocked at the speed with which the crime took place.

“I’m shocked, devastated. I was going to take my daughter to school [yesterday] morning; when I came out I saw they had broken into my vehicle.

“Crime is everywhere and it doesn’t choose, no matter who you are or how popular you are,” Sotashe said.

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