RETAIN: Mukaddam

Mukaddam resigned after the body of three-year-old Courtney Pieters was found hidden in a shallow grave at Bofors Circle, Epping, on 13 May.

Mukaddam, who exposed price-fixing in the bread industry, stepped down days after the body was found, saying they failed Courtney.

He claimed the investigation had been “bungled” and questioned why it took police nine days to find the child.

At Courtney’s funeral, Mukaddam was seen delivering bread and food a the family’s house.

Yesterday while attending the opening of a new mobile police station in Elsies River, Mukaddam confirmed his resignation had not been accepted.

But he says his resignation should be seen as a call for a revolution in the police force and CPF, saying politics made their job difficult.

“It took the 13 victims in Leonsdale and the dead body of Courtney Pieters to get people to hear our pleas, that we have been living under siege.

“I have been reinstated since last Friday, my resignation has not been accepted by the provincial board as well as the chairperson of the CPF.

“The CPF needs to be restructured, there are elements in the CPF that have a political agenda.

“For us to tackle crime, we must have no hidden agendas.

“We need to clean ship and we need new people who are committed.”