JAILED: Preston Julies, 46

An alleged dik ding in perly smuggling will sit behind bars for more than three weeks before he can make a bid for freedom.

Preston Julies, 46, was arrested on Monday in connection with a shooting on Sunday in Soetfontein, Pearly Beach near Gansbaai, during which three people were injured.

Julies, who faces two charges of attempted murder, made a brief appearance in the Bredasdorp Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

He will remain agter tralies until his formal bail application on August 15.

According to sources, the shooting relates to a fight over perly poaching territory along the Gansbaai coast.

Another source adds that more arrests are likely in connection with the shooting that left three people with gunshot wounds to the stomach, leg and arm.

This comes nearly three months after two charges of attempted murder relating to a shooting on New Year’s Day in Hawston were withdrawn against Julies and three other co-accused.

They were denied bail in the Hermanus Magistrates’ Court and the Cape High Court, and spent nearly five months in jail before the charges were withdrawn.

Julies also walked out of court voëlvry last year when charges of the illegal possession of abalone against him and three others were withdrawn.

This after a fifth accomplice, who had also been arrested in connection with the four tons of perly worth approximately R6 million, indicated that he would enter a plea bargain with the state.