Rollercoaster ride derailed in Scotland. CREDIT: Sourced

Eight children and two adults were hurt after a rollercoaster derailed and fell six metres onto a kiddies’ ride.

Two of the injured teenagers had been standing under the ride.

Visitors rushed to help those stuck in harnesses on the Tsunami rollercoaster - which reaches 65km/h - after a carriage went off the tracks at M&D’s theme park in Motherwell, Scotland, on Sunday.

Witnesses said it flew off the track at full speed and shot through a fence before hitting a concrete play area for toddlers.

Roselyn Rodger, 49, from Motherwell, said: “The carriage only narrowly missed a little kid who was riding a bike.”

Six ambulances were called and the park was evacuated.

A spokesman for M&D’s said the theme park was closed until further notice.

The Tsunami ride - which has a loop-the-loop and corkscrew - also malfunctioned in 2011, with nine people trapped in the air for eight hours.