1-2-3 caught



June 6, 2016
1-2-3 caught

PAKSLAE: Facebook pictures of three suspects who were moered by gatvol residents of Belhar after allegedly robbing laaitie of a cellphone.

Gatvol residents donner ‘skelms’ following robbery and car chase.

These three suspected skelms chose the wrong neighbourhood to pickpocket.

The trio were nabbed by members of the Old Belhar Patrol and Extension Six neighbourhood watch on Friday and given a proper pakslae by the community.

They are believed to be behind a spate of robberies in the area, targeting school children and varsity students.

Pictures of the capture with the men’s bruised and bloodied faces were shared on Facebook.

The caption reads: “These guys were robbing students this morning in a red stolen Tazz, various members of the community arrested them. They unfortunately FELL while trying to get away but were caught.”

A member of the Belhar patrol team says the suspects were spotted on Friday morning, robbing a laaitie of his cellphone.

A resident reported a suspicious-looking vehicle without a number plate to their WhatsApp group.

“We work closely with Pro Security [based at the University of the Western Cape] and we spotted the vehicle in Denneboom Road,” says the resident, who asked to remain anonymous.

“A car chase ensued with about four or five of our vehicles until the driver lost control and drove into someone’s driveway.

“The driver ran off but he was captured in the next road. We also got the other two occupants who were inside the car.”

Residents recognised the driver, and the other two are believed to be from Elsies River.

“We found the cellphone and they were also armed with a knife and screwdriver,” the resident says.

Moments after they were nabbed, angry residents streamed out of their homes and moered the suspected skelms dik.

“It was chaos and it became very difficult to control the crowd.”

“The residents identified them as the people who have been robbing the school children and students and some also said they previously operated with a firearm.”

Pictures of the suspects went viral on Facebook, with the driver of the Tazz coming off the worst.

Belhar Counsellor Willie Jaftha says he was happy to see residents take control of their area.

“I was at the clinic Friday when I saw these guys who were brought in,” says Jaftha.

“I don’t condone the violence but I am glad to see the community working with police to capture the criminals in the area.”

Police could not confirm the incident at the time of going to print.

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