‘New Zuma rule false’



September 26, 2016
‘New Zuma rule false’

DENIED CLAIMS: Jackson Mthembu

Mthemba slams "blatantly untrue" report.

ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu has strongly denied he wants a new rule instituted in Parliament to protect President Jacob Zuma, and said he intends taking the Sunday Times newspaper to the press ombudsman for publishing a “blatantly untrue” report.

“The office of the ANC chief whip is disappointed with the downright dishonest fabrications and shoddy journalism of Babalwa Ndenze, Sunday Times reporter, relating to the story published in the paper today [Sunday] on his interview with chief whip Jackson Mthembu,” he said in a statement.

“Ndenze’s story headlined ‘ANC wants new rule to protect president’ makes a wild and baseless claim that the ANC chief whip ‘wants to change parliament’s rules to create new measures to defend President Jacob Zuma against abusive MPs — before his next visit to the National Assembly’. This is blatantly untrue.”

He said the interview was recorded and he has proof of this.

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