New rail security web



November 24, 2016
New rail security web

Metrorail has launched its festive season safety campaign 'Operation Spider'.

Operation Spider aims to ensure commuters travel legally and to drive criminals out of the system.

Metrorail has warned it will be cracking down on criminals, ticket defaulters and other anti-social behaviour with the launch of safety campaign “Operation Spider”.

Western Cape regional manager, Richard Walker, said “webs” of enforcement would clamp down at stations “at any given time to net criminal elements”.

Special teams would work to reduce fare evasion, ticket fraud and crime by focusing on access control and security resources at junction stations.

“We have a lot of complaints from consumers saying ‘why must we pay for services while other people just want to get into the system for free’, and even encroach into the Metrorail Plus services for which commuters are paying a premium. We have identified the key stations that we will be targeting, and we will be taking the zero tolerance approach,” he added.

Metrorail has been hit by a spate of devastating vandalism and arson attacks in the past, costing the train service millions of rands.

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