New faces in the Laan

New faces in the Laan

The Welman family will be gracing your TV screens soon. CREDIT: Sourced

Meet the Welmans... and their lelike skeletons in their closet.

There’s a new family in Hillside and they look set to cause lots of drama in 7de Laan.

Recently there’s been numerous exits at the popular soapie, with at least three leading men and ladies leaving.

Heino Schmitt who portrayed Altus de Bruyn has already left, while Diaan Lawrenson who plays Paula, and Jo da Silva, the villainous Gita McGregor have announced they too are leaving.

So now there’s space in The Laan for a new family, and they are called the Welmans, a mom and dad with their three kids who have some lelike skeletons in their closet.

Soapie fans will recognise dad Chris Welman, played by David Rees, as the naughty Nick Naude from Egoli.

Welman’s character is described as a “successful businessman who always gets what he wants. He expects only the best from his family, but he never takes responsibility for his faults”.

Chris is married to Mariaan Welman, played by Deirdre Wolhunter who the soapie bosses say is a character that “appears to be confident, even haughty and snobbish at times. But this is a front to mask deep-seated insecurity. She’s obsessed with her family’s public image and will criticise them if she feels like it.”

The couple have three kids Alexa Welman (Carina Nel) who is a doctor, Rikus Welman (Andre Lotter) who is an accountant and Amorey Welman (Kristen Raath) a 20-something daddy’s girl.

The family will make their screen debut in two months’ time.

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