Nando’s grills JZ with advert



November 4, 2016
Nando’s grills JZ with advert

FUNNY: Nando's takes mickey

Restaurant franchise couldn't resist adding some extra heat to the State of Capture Report.

Dit  sal net Nando’s wees that could deliver a flaming hot and funny ad about the State Capture report and President Jacob Zuma.

On Wednesday night when almal were still digesting the long-awaited document, Nando’s had already chewed on it and spat out an ad that reads: “3hundred and 5thousand and 55 pages. JZ, you’ll need more than a cold shower to shake off this heat!”

Thuli Madonsela’s report is 355 pages long and Nando’s clever reference to the number crunching is a play at Zuma’s seeming inability to read lengthy numbers.

South Africa nearly had a meltdown a few months ago when Zuma tried but failed to pronounce 939 360 000 on national TV.

Nando’s posted the funny ad on Twitter on Wednesday evening with the caption: “It’s going to be a long night for No.1 #StateCaptureReport”

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