‘n Lekker Vet holiday



December 1, 2016
‘n Lekker Vet holiday

AWAITING TRIAL: Fadwaan Vet Murphy and his family are going on vaction

Court gives alleged drug kingpin break.

Suspected drug kingpin Fadwaan “Vet” Murphy is going on a lekker holiday while awaiting trial.

On Tuesday, the alleged drug dealer asked the court to relax his bail conditions for a week because he wanted to go on vacation.

And he got his way.

Murphy, his ex-wife Shafieka Murphy, 49, his sister Glenda Bird, 46, homeowner Dominique Davidson, and suspected henchman Leon Paulsen, 52, made a brief appearance at the Khayelitsha Priority Crime Court.

The court heard that in less than two months, the group is expected to begin pre-trial proceedings.

However, Murphy is planning to have his day in the sun first, and asked for his bail conditions to be amended for a week for him to go on holiday at an undisclosed resort.

Murphy and Bird are out on R20 000 bail each after their arrest in April.

Bail conditions are that they may not leave the Western Cape region or South Africa without the permission from the courts and the investigating officer.

Murphy, who claims he owns an interior design company and denies being a drug lord, plans to go on holiday between December 10 and 17 this month.

Murphy told the court where he plans to go, but details of his destination have not been revealed to the media due to safety concerns.

Permission was granted, and he will be expected to report to the nearest police station for that week.

Murphy arrived at court flanked by bodyguards.

He and his co-accused are expected to face 236 charges when pre-trial proceedings begin on January 24.

The charges include dealing in drugs, money laundering and racketeering under the POCA (Prevention of Organised Crime Act).

The accused are yet to enter plea. Trial dates between April and June 2017 have already been planned.

Murphy is believed to be the mastermind behind a massive Cape drug operation, after cops made a breakthrough last year September when they found R1.1 million in cash, R5 million worth of tik and packaging equipment at Davidson’s home in Lotus River.

Shafieka Murphy and two other women, who have since been released, were allegedly found packaging the drugs inside a bedroom in the house.

Paulsen was arrested in December 2014 after police confiscated over R380 000 at Murphy’s home in Turksvy Street, Lentegeur.

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