‘My baby can’t pee’



November 7, 2016
‘My baby can’t pee’

DISTRESSED: Mom Joanne Taylor, 26, from Bonteheuwel. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Mom claims doctors lied after damaging her child’s bladder.

A Cape Flats mother claims doctors lied to her after they damaged her infant son’s bladder during a “routine operation”.

Bonteheuwel mom of two, Joanne Taylor, 26, worries that her five-month-old son will not be able to urinate normally after doctors at Red Cross Children’s Hospital allegedly made a balls-up during an operation on his testicles.

Two weeks ago Ayden Taylor was admitted to the hospital for “routine hernia repair”.

“He was born with a hernia in his testicles and I took him to have it removed,” Joanne says.

“Doctors explained to me they would make a small cut on his side and they will remove the hernia like that.

“During that operation they cut half of his bladder away but only realised it later after taking X-rays.

“The next day he had another operation to correct the surgery and then they cut the tube that links to his bladder.

“Because of this, he needed a third operation and then they cut the second tube.

“So now he can’t urinate through his penis and the doctors had to [divert] his urine by inserting two pipes.

“My child had operations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and days later he needed a fourth operation because he didn’t have bowel movements and they needed to insert another pipe to help with that,” she cries.

“He was born premature and I am worried because he already has a problem with his kidneys.

Joanne says the doctors apologised to her for what they did, but she says they don’t know how to fix the problems which they caused.

“Doctors first told me he will have to keep the tubes for three months, then afterwards they told me it’s for a year,” she adds.

“I don’t think the doctors were being upfront with me, they lied to me.”

The distressed mother says she has to give up her job to take care of her son.

But Red Cross Hospital spokesperson Angelique Jordaan says medical staff apologised to Joanne for the prolonged hospital stay and not for any mistakes made.

“Although it is correct that medical staff have apologised to the child’s mother for the prolonged hospital stay, and inconvenience caused by these complications, no liability has been conceded and no mistakes have been admitted to,” she says.

“The patient was admitted to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for a routine hernia repairs.

“Unfortunately there was a complication in that he sustained a bladder injury, which is a known possible complication of the procedure.

“This complication was recognised the following day and the patient was taken to theatre twice to get the situation under control by diverting his urine to the abdominal wall.

“Unfortunately he needed another operation a few days later when his bowel became obstructed due to internal scar tissue – also a fairly common occurrence after an abdominal operation occurring in about 2% of cases.

She adds Ayden is recovering well after the operation and will undergo further surgery to restore normal bladder function at a later date.

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