Muso sues West

Muso sues West

Kanye in legal battle over song used without original artist's consent.

Kanye West is innie k**.

The rapper is being sued in New York City by a Hungarian musician who says West sampled his song without permission.

Gabor Presser alleges that West’s 2013 album Yeezus contains a song called New Slaves that sampled a song he wrote in 1969.

According to court papers, one third of New Slaves includes a song Presser wrote when he was with the band Omega, called Gyongyhaju Lany.

He’s seeking $2.5m. The lawsuit says West’s lawyers acknowledged the sampling happened when they sent Presser a $10 000 cheque for the work.

But Presser says he never cashed the cheque over concerns about the agreement.

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