Murder in the first



May 12, 2016
Murder in the first

Adeeb Moodley, 27, was stabbed to death in Daisy Court, Gatesville Flats, on Monday.

Stabbing shocks people in safe Athlone suburb.

An Athlone community has been rocked by what they claim is the first murder in their neighbourhood in 46 years.

Neighbourhood watch members found the body of Adeeb Moodley, 27, lying in Daisy Court, Gatesville Flats, on Monday.

It is believed the father of two was stabbed to death in nearby Carnation Court, which residents say has become “problematic”.

A 27-year-old suspect appeared at the Athlone Magistrates’ Court this week on a charge of murder after handing himself over to cops.

Adeeb, who was a drug addict, was laid to rest on Tuesday according to Muslim rites.

Neighbourhood watch members, who asked not to be identified as they fear for their lives, believe he was murdered on Sunday night.

One man said: “I found him and I thought it was a vagrant, but when I tried to wake the person up, I recognised him.”

A resident said the neighbourhood has gone to the dogs since an alleged drug dealer moved into Daisy Court last year.

Residents have sent “numerous letters” to the Department of Human Settlements, who owns the building, but say they’ve had no response.

No one was at home at the rundown flat, with pieces of cardboard covering a broken window.

“This is a ticking time bomb,” the woman says.

“This is the first murder in over 40 years, not since the community has been in existence.

“We drew up a petition last week and this has been going on for over a year. We, as residents, have been calling and sending letters to Brian Kewana of Human Settlements, these are rental units but we have had no feedback.”

Adeeb’s stepmother, Mishka Moodley, 45, says they are saddened by his death: “He wasn’t my flesh and blood but he was part of my life for eight years.

“Yes, he was on drugs but he was a good child who was loved by everyone.”

The Daily Voice contacted Brian Kewana of Human Settlements who advised us to speak to his communications team, but they did not respond to queries.

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