Mos def in court

Mos def in court

AMERICAN rapper Mos Def is due back in court in two weeks to find out if investigations into his case have been completed.

The artist, born Dante Terrel Smith but now known as Yasiin Bey, made a brief appearance before Magistrate Fanie at the Bellville Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Looking shabby in baggy pants and two loose tops with a scarf over his head, the 42-year-old rapper and actor caused some excitement when he tried to enter the courthouse wearing a grey turban and refused to be searched by security personnel who asked him to remove it.


Bey walked off to the parking lot surrounded by a small group of friends and family before returning a short while later with a scarf draped over his head.

In court, prosecutors said they would need two more weeks to complete investigations into their case against the rapper who allegedly tried to leave South Africa using a “World Passport”.

Bey was arrested in January while attempting to board a flight to Ethiopia, using his “World Government of World Citizen Passport”.

This document is apparently popular with celebrities but is not recognised by the South African government.

Bey is also charged with aiding and abetting his family.

His wife Sheron Smith and four minor children were also found to be living in the country “illegally” since 2014.


They have been granted an interim order which states they cannot be deported, pending his on-going case.

Bey is back in court on March 24.

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