Monox’s veld operation

Monox’s veld operation

CLEANING UP THE AREA: Artist Munier "Monox" Adams, 30, from Portlands.

Award-winning singer is on a mission to improve Mitchells Plain.

Award-winning singer, dancer and actor Moenier “Monox” Adams is on a mission to clean up Mitchells Plain – one veldjie at a time.

The 30-year-old won the KykNET Fiesta Award for best newcomer in 2011 and now wants to use his star power to make a difference in Portlands.

Monox says: “I was standing on the balcony at home and I was just looking out at the field. I had my phone in my hand and started Googling ‘play parks’.”

The next day, Human Rights Day (21 March), he took action.

Daar was a klomp vullis hier, so I dug a hole right next to it and buried all the rubbish,” he says.

The field is about as big as two soccer pitches.

“This used to be part of Montague Drive Primary’s field, then the school moved the fence and made their field smaller and now this is here,” says Monox.

“You see, there’s no vibacrete here, and the ouens sit on the corner and smoke buttons and tik.”

“My children [aged three, five and eight] can’t play here, it’s not safe.”

He now wants to turn the veld into a play park, complete with a soccer pitch and jungle gym.

“I have no rights [over this field], I just decided to do this. But why is it when someone does something good people want to stop you, the same people who did nothing here?” he asks.

Jessica Shelver, spokeswoman for Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schafer says the matter was being investigated.

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