Moms died with kids in their arms



October 27, 2016
Moms died with kids in their arms

DIED HEROES: Mothers Florence, 28, and Gail Bennett, 20

Two women and four children burn to death.

These two moms died heroes as they tried to save their children from a fiery death.

The sisters ran back into their burning home to rescue four children trapped inside.

But sadly both moms and their children succumbed in the devastating blaze that claimed the lives of six people in the early hours of yesterday morning.

The bodies of sisters Florence, 28, and Gail Bennett, 20, were found lying on their beds, still clutching their toddlers in their arms.

The blaze broke out shortly before 2am at a house in Netreg Road in Bonteheuwel which claimed the two sisters, their three children Chadwin, eight, Chadley, two, and one-year-old Dylan, as well as their 11-year-old cousin Edwin Adams.

The only survivor is granny Rose Bennett, 58.

Neighbour Shemone Mitchell say they were woken by frantic screams.

She says: “I immediately ran to the window and Aunty Rose gave me the keys to the burglar gate so that we can open the door for them.”

“One of the neighbours helped kick in the door and Aunty Rose, Florence and Gail came out but the two sisters ran in to get the kids but they never came out.”

After the flames were doused, they walked in to find Florence cradling Chadley in her arms, lying on a single bed, with her eldest son Chadwin and Edwin lying on the floor.

Baby Dylan was found under his mother Gail, as she tried to shield him from the flames.

It’s believed the fire was caused by a forgotten candle, lit by Florence who returned home from work around 1am.

Bishop Lavis police say the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Yesterday grieving relatives, friends and neighbours gathered at the remains of the house to pay their respects.

Edwin’s parents, Freda Adams and her husband Edward Bennett, arrived at the scene shortly after 4am to find their only child dead.

A sobbing Freda, who turned 51 yesterday, said it was the worst ‘“present” imaginable.

“Edwin was my miracle child, my only child. I didn’t think I could have children at my age and he was such a joy to us,” she cried.

“Today is my 51st birthday, Edwin was like a present to me and for that present to be taken away on my birthday is the worst feeling ever.”

Edward, 47, believes Freda had a premonition, because hours earlier she was screaming for help in her sleep.

“I woke her up to tell her to stop and we realised later that this was around the same time they all died, our son was screaming for help through her and we were not there,” says the weeping dad.

Jerry Wes, 27, who lost his girlfriend Flora and their two children, says: “I didn’t want to see them dead when I walked in.

“Flora was holding onto our youngest and they were burnt. You could see the skull because the skin had fallen off.

“My stomach turned from what I saw, I stumbled out of the house with the intention of going to the train to end my life [but they stopped me].

“Flora was the woman I would have died for and instead she died trying to save our children.”

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