Mom beheads her kids



October 21, 2016
Mom beheads her kids
A mentally-ill Ugandan woman allegedly 'slaughters children like goats'

Two toddlers have been beheaded, allegedly by their mentally-ill mother.

According to the Daily Monitor, the mother, 25, collected her kids, aged two and four, from crèche on Tuesday and allegedly “slaughtered them like goats” in her father’s house in Uganda.

After killing her children, the woman who has been operating a drug den in Industrial Area in Kamuli District, reportedly sent a six-year-old girl to their father’s home in Kanange, about five kilometres away, to tell him of the crime before she fled.

A police spokesperson, Michael Kasadha, said preliminary investigations indicate the crime was premeditated.

At the scene of the crime, both children were found lying on a blanket next to each other covered in blood, their necks having been severed with a knife which was found in a basin.

“She killed the children, mopped the floor, cleaned the knife, placed the bodies together and had time to change her clothes before taking off. This shows that she took her time with no one noticing,” said Kasadha.

He added that police were hunting the suspect, but urged angry members of the public not to take the law into their own hands if they found the woman first.

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