Mob stones tourists’ taxi



September 30, 2016
Mob stones tourists’ taxi

Protesters burnt rubble and stoned vehicles

About 150 people protested off Ou Kaapse Weg in Grabouw over a school construction project.

German tourists got a big fright yesterday when protesters in Grabouw stoned their taxi, smashing a window.

But although they were shaken, Helmut and Hofmodiel Heike, who came to South Africa for their 25th wedding anniversary, saw it as part of their “big adventure in Africa” and “still think South Africa is beautiful”.

The van was one of several cars stoned on the N2 highway when the violent protest started late on Wednesday night.

About 150 people started burning rubble and blocking off Ou Kaapse Weg in Grabouw, after failed efforts to stop contractors from continuing their work at the Umyezo Secondary School construction site.

Protester Lindile Luzuko Tutu says they want the current Project Steering Committee (PSC) to be replaced because they want transparency in developments.

They are accusing the PSC of not alerting the community of job opportunities for the building project, and instead “appointing friends and family”.

“We want the Department of Public Works to stop the project until these issues have been resolved,” adds Tutu.

Protesters also accused the cops of using live ammunition.

“One bullet went straight through a lady’s house. Luckily it didn’t hit the baby inside,” says Busisiwe Magoda.

“We also picked up three bullets on the field,” she added.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says the area was calm by late yesterday. “No one has been arrested,” she adds.

The Department didn’t respond to requests for comment by last night.

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