MJC slams ‘malicious McDonald’s hoax’



September 28, 2016
MJC slams ‘malicious McDonald’s hoax’

Warning message shared on WhatsApp

Muslims warned in text that mayo contains pork.

Cape Town Muslims reacted with shock and anger this week after receiving widely-distributed messages warning that McDonald’s restaurants are not halaal.

Five readers contacted the Daily Voice after getting the message via WhatsApp from a sender named Yusuf Essa.

The message starts off by saying: “U had enough pig meat and fat to eat O Muslim. Give it up! Give it up to save your imaan [faith].”

The message claims the Muslim Judicial Council and “IQSA” have withdrawn their halaal certification from the fast food chain.

“According to the kitchen office in Florida, United States, study into the McDonald’s ingredients has shown evidence of PORK materials which is called ‘LM10’ are used in the McDonald’s mayo.

It further reads that: “South African McDonald’s officials have confirmed that all sauce-based ingredients are imported from the USA.

“Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and IQSA has also withdrawn 
certification countrywide.”

It said Muslims who failed to pass on the message would be committing a “sin”.

But the MJC Halaal Trust (MJCHT) says the message is nothing but a “malicious hoax and bereft of truth”.

“The MJC Halaal Trust confirms that all McDonald’s restaurants in South Africa are authentically halaal. This since 1 January 2008. We have investigated the halaal supporting documentation of McDonald’s suppliers and operations and can therefore attest that they do comply with the stringent halaal controls and hygiene standards,” says Sheikh Achmat Sedick.

He adds: “The MJC Halaal Trust does not certify any McDonald’s beyond the borders.”

One Daily Voice reader says she is tired of having to explain to her children why they can one day eat at McD’s and the next day not at all.

Nadia Davids, 38, of Belhar, says: “It is so confusing and unnecessary. This is probably the fourth time I have seen this kind of message this year alone. Hulle vat ons vir ‘*n pop. I am just going to call the MJC from now on to confirm.”

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