Missing for 22 years



October 7, 2016
Missing for 22 years

VANISHED: Joyce Gilbert being sought by family

Family appeals for runaway mom to return after her son is shot dead.

The family of this woman is looking for her after she disappeared 22 years ago.

Joyce Gilbert was 27 years old when she went missing from the Red Cross Children’s Hospital where her two-year-old son, Enrico, was being treated for burn wounds.

Now her mom Mary Gilbert, 69, is desperate to find her missing daughter after Enrico was murdered last month.

Mary says Enrico, 24, was shot and killed while walking to a tuck shop in Kloof Street, Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain.

PLEADING: Mary Gilbert, 69 (centre)

Mary believes her daughter ran away because she feared she would be arrested for negligence, after Enrico burnt in hot bath water.

“She has three children and that day the two older ones stayed with me in Mitchells Plain,” Mary explains.

“Joyce was sleeping over at a friend’s in Valhalla Park and the child apparently climbed into a hot bath of water. She took the child to Red Cross Children’s hospital.

“She told nurses she is going to get clean clothing and to inform us what happened but she never arrived home.

“But we think she may have left the hospital because she feared they were going to arrest her for negligence.”

Mary raised her grandchildren, now 29 and 30, and buried Enrico a month ago

“It was sad that we buried her son without her or the father there, he is also gone,” says Mary.

“We want her home and we want her to know that we will accept her back without questions.

Yolande Gilbert, 39, says her sister has made no contact with family for 22 years.

Anyone with information about Joyce is asked to contact Yolande on 082 580 1332.

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