Minor surgery turns into maggot-infested wound



October 13, 2016
Minor surgery turns into maggot-infested wound

BEDRIDDEN: Ouma Koba Spannenberg, 82

An 82-year-old woman could die after having a pimple removed from her leg.

An 82-year-old woman from Kensington might not survive from a pimple she developed on her leg 10 days ago.

Ouma Koba Spannenberg says after having the puisie treated at the Kensington Community Day Centre in Sixth Avenue last
Monday, it had “turned into a hole filled with maggots”.

Koba has since been rendered bedridden, wearing a kiembie and barely able to communicate.

Her granddaughter Chantal, whom she lives, with says two days after visiting the clinic, where the pimple was lanced and covered with bandage, Ma Koba started complaining of pain.

She took her to the New Somerset Hospital on Thursday.

“I did not understand, she could barely stand and was just so weak,” Chantal explains.

She says when the doctors removed the bandages, there was a hole in Koba’s leg, festering with maggots. “It was a nightmare to see,” she says.

On Friday doctors sent the ouma home with a three-page letter instructing the Kensington Community Day Centre to care for the wound at Koba’s home as she was unable to walk.

Chantal claims the the nursing staff refused to do this, telling her to bring Koba to the hospital.

Neighbour Edwina Presence helps takes care of Koba while Chantal works nightshift.

“She is on morphine, which we have to administer ourselves because nobody else is doing it,” says Chantal.

But Monique Johnstone of Western Cape Government Health says Chantal waited too long to make arrangements for home-based care.

“…the referral letter was brought to the facility by a family member only [on Tuesday] to make the necessary home-based care arrangements. Further care of Ms Spannenberg will be dealt with by our Community Based Services department.

“Our nurses based at our facilities do not do home visits but they can arrange for a Home Based Carer to assess and care for a patient.”

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